Event Name:Series of Live Webcasts on GST
Date: 13th January 2017, Time:5:5 PM. to 8:5 PM.

Venue:Branch Premises,Hyderabad
Speaker: Eminent Speakers

Hyderabad Branch of SIRC GST Series Live Webcasts  
S. No. Topic Date Links Faculties

2 Constitutional Amendments - An Analysis & Relevant Articles to GST. 13th Jan, 2017 http://icai.estv.in/13012017/ a.V Raghuraman, Advocate,vraghuraman@vraghuraman.in, 9844114181
3 Important Legal Maxims (With Examples) 16th Jan, 2017 http://icai.estv.in/16012017/ a.Naveen Kumar K S, Advocate,ksnkadv@yahoo.com, 9880102294
b.CA. A. Jatin Christopher, christopher@jcssglobal.com , 9314517676
4 Levy, Exemptions & Composition (Including Transition) 17th Jan, 2017 http://icai.estv.in/17012017/ a.CA. Ashok Batra,caashokkumarbatra@gmail.com, 9811069299
b.CA. Bimal Jain, bimaljain@hotmail.com, 9810604563
5 Time & Place of Supply (With Examples) (Including Transition) 18th Jan, 2017 http://icai.estv.in/18012017/ Details will be provided
6 Input Tax Credits & Anti-profiteering Concept 19th Jan, 2017 http://icai.estv.in/19012017/ Details will be provided
7 Value of supply 20th Jan, 2017 http://icai.estv.in/20012017/ Details will be provided
8 Stock Transfer, Job work, Stock Returns & Rejects (Including Transition) 23rd Jan, 2017 http://icai.estv.in/23012017/ Details will be provided
9 Import Export, SEZ, Refund (Including Transition) 24th Jan, 2017 http://icai.estv.in/24012017/ Details will be provided
10 IGST & Other GST Concepts (Destination) 25th Jan, 2017 http://icai.estv.in/25012017/ Details will be provided
11 Demand & Recovery Provisions under Model GST Law 27th Jan, 2017 http://icai.estv.in/27012017/ Details will be provided
12 Registration Law & Procedures (Including Transition) 28th Jan, 2017 http://icai.estv.in/28012017/ Details will be provided
13 Other Transition Provisions + Penalty, Compounding & Prosecution, Settlement Commission, Advance Ruling 30th Jan, 2017 http://icai.estv.in/30012017/ Details will be provided


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